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Sphynx Razor



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  • Sphynx Razor
  • shave on the go! 
  • perfect for missed spots and quick touch-ups
  • comes with a water spritzer, a pre-shave moisturizing bar + two individual razor blades
  • replace blades and pre-shave bar with a Refill Pack when you’re ready to swap them out of your Sphynx
  • airport approved 

How To: 

  • spray water onto skin using water spritzer 
  • lather skin using pre-shave bar 
  • shave

Care Instructions

Tips & tricks for keeping your swimwear as gorgeous as the day you bought it. <3

— Rinse your suit in cold water as soon as possible after wear.
— Use a towel to sit on rough surfaces. 
— Dry your suit in the shade or use a blow dryer on a cool setting.

Wash Instructions:

Wash on a delicate cycle or hand wash in lukewarm water with light soap and lay flat in the shade to dry after every couple wears. 

Any special care instructions for clothing or accessories will be listed in the product description. Xx 

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