Photo: @abbeykirchner

The people and product behind 3 GIRLS are important to us. We are committed to learning about and maintaining the most sustainable options for our brand.

3 GIRLS: the Label Swim + Clothing:

Our swim is manufactured in small batch quantities using ethical trade in a zero waste factory in Bali, Indonesia. We use Carvico Vita, techno fabric made of recycled plastic materials, to make 3 GIRLS: the Label Swim. Scrap pieces are donated to local artisans that make pillows and poufs.

3 GIRLS: the Label Clothing is made in-house by Abbey and hand-embroidered by Erin. We exclusively use local suppliers to purchase thread and fabric (deadstock, thrift + new). Our made-to-order clothing model helps us minimize waste and provide custom sizing. Scraps are used to create new design samples. 

Other Brands: 

The curated brands we carry are a reflection of 3 GIRLS values. We only opt for the best swimwear and accessories available. Our brands place importance on diversity and inclusion, small-batch quantities, recycled fabrics, natural materials and ethical manufacturing practices.  

Packing Materials:

TLC goes into every 3 GIRLS package. Thank you notes, branded tape, gift wrap, and bags are all recyclable and made from recycled materials.