We are 3 girls: a sister + mom trio.

Founded in 2016, 3 GIRLS is a space that celebrates your individuality. We believe expressing one's personality through fashion should not be stopped at swimwear. We bring in the highest quality, best fitting swimwear so you don't have to compromise. 

Our in-house swim label, 3 GIRLS SWIM, operates on two planes: the Label and the Dawn. In a struggle to balance our varying preferences, we started by creating a line catered to us (Erin, Amie, Abbey): the Label. The Label includes minimal silhouettes tailored to suit our active lifestyles on the beach, on the boat and in the water - Mom approved. The Dawn is the moderate counterpart to the Label, perfectly balancing its dual identity as "not your daughters swimwear" and "something your daughter will want to borrow" - Girls approved.

Staying honest to our values, in 2019, we opened a carefully curated selection of handpicked thrift and vintage pieces we call (re)WEAR. (re)WEAR includes noteworthy, one of a kind garments, some of which (re)worked by yours truly, positively creating a space for art in the form of clothing within our boutique.

xx 3 GIRLS



Erin at the Blue Lagoon, Iceland



Amie in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico



Abbey in Mission Viejo, California


Charlotte in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic