ICYMI, we have a hand-painted, bucket hat collab dropping this Friday, September 24, at 4pm! 

Being that this is our very first collab with someone local it feels alllll the more special. (St. Albertan creatives unite! Am I right!? ;)) In anticipation, I grilled Olivia with questions about all things inspiration and art. Olivia and I (Erin) go wayyyy back and I couldn’t wait to learn more about her in her area of expertise! Find out Olivia's dream project, what crayon colour she would be and more below!  


All photos attached were taken from Olivia's personal and art Instagram accounts. For a closer look at Olivia's work, follow @dolos.doodles on Insta! 


E: What food, drink or song inspires you?
O: Have you ever seen those focaccia breads that look like literal art? Things like that are super inspiring to me! Seeing how creative people can get pushes me to think outside of the box.  

E: You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What colour would you be and why?

O: I feel like I’d be something iridescent because it’s always changing, and it can be pretty interesting to look at haha!

E: What form of art do you enjoy creating the most?

O: My favourite, for sure, is acrylic paint. Probably because I feel most confident with it. I have loved experimenting with digital art recently though!  

E: What’s your dream project?
O: I’d love to do a huge mural on a brick wall or something of that sort!

E: Describe a real-life experience that inspired you to pursue art as a career.
O: Honestly, I started university taking a bachelor of science because I thought it would give me the most stable career options, but I quickly realized it just didn’t inspire me or make me happy. I’ve always loved and excelled in art, so I made the switch and have never regretted it!! 

E: At what point do you think art and fashion intersect?

O: I feel like people don’t often see fashion as an artistic medium, but it absolutely is! Whenever somebody has a vision that they’re able to materialize, I consider that art.  

E: Last question: How do you overcome creative blocks?
O: When I have blocks I really just need to step away from the project for a while and give my brain a break. I’ve tried to force it in the past but it only resulted in sloppy work.


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Let us know in the comments, what should we have Olivia paint on next!?

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Love that local fashion artists are connecting to local canvas artists on a project! More collabs please! Keep it up!


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