So you just bought your first 3 Girls suit (YAY and THANK YOU!!)... Now what? After purchasing any piece of swimwear your suit care should be of top priority to ensure your suit stays as flawless as it was the day it arrived on your doorstep. After all, you did just spend your hard earned money on a suit that should last you many years, seasons and holidays. To help, we've come up with a few universal do's and don'ts in order to dispel the myths and confirm the truths surrounding how to keep your swimsuit looking fresh for as long as possible. Below is a list of tips and tricks to keep your swimwear looking as gorgeous as ever.

- Don't put your suit in the dryer. Drying your suit will wear on the elasticity and alter the fit of your swimsuit. 
- Do use a blowdryer on the COOL setting to help speed up your suits drying time. A good blowout before heading to the airport never hurt anybody.

- Don't dry your suit in the sun. The sun could fade your suits colouring partially or completely.
- Do dry your suit out of the sun to prevent your suits colour(s) from fading. Besides, you didn't get a matching set not to wear it together.

- Don't lay or sit on any rough surfaces. All rough surfaces could cause piling or snagging within the first few seconds of contact. 
- Do lay or sit on a towel wherever you go. A good towel is your best beach/pool accessory.

- Don't take your suit off and start drying it immediately. Every time you don't give your suit a little TLC after wearing it, salt, chlorine or sand could get into the suits fibres and stain the material or change its super soft feeling.
- Do rinse your suit in cold water as soon as possible after each wear. Even your swimwear needs a cool drink of water after a long day in the hot sun. 

Et voila! You've passed 'Kini Care 101 and you're officially ready to take on the water! Whatever your style - pool, ocean, lake, river, hot springs - check out some of our favourite suit views sent to us from our followers for some "next vaycay" inspiration.

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